Actros Overview


Introducing the new Actros, the new benchmark for long distance transport. Its modern cab offers the driver maximum comfort whilst delivering exceptional fuel economy. The new Actros is now easier and safer to drive, and more outstandingly capable than any other big truck that’s gone before.

The model range offers a vehicle configuration for just about any application in long distance transport, and now provides an even more tailored solution, with the addition of more cab variants, a wider choice of driveline and a multitude of new productivity, comfort and safety features to make your vehicle even more cost effective to run.

For an incomparably good driving experience, the new Actros has an innovative rear axle guide, a steering system with a precise response and a wider, tauter frame. The engines are characterised by their spontaneous response and are available in four output categories from 310 kW to 375 kW. In conjunction with the standard-specification Mercedes PowerShift 3 automatic gearshift and additional drive modes they ensure profitable motoring pleasure.

For levels of efficiency that puts everything that has gone before in the shade, the new Actros is equipped with lots of consumption-reducing innovations and particularly frugal engines.

The Actros cab is available in: CompactSpace, ClassicSpace, StreamSpace, BigSpace and GigaSpace. Featuring more interior volume, stowage space and freedom of movement than its predecessors.  (Possibly insert Actros interior pic here from separate file: Actros interior images)

CompactSpace Cabs: Available with engine tunnels of both 320 mm and 170 mm the CompactSpace cabs are characterised by their low roof and minimal overall height, offering maximum flexibility for many mission-specific operations, especially in the field of vehicle transport. Along with this, they offer easy access, high levels of interior comfort and excellent visibility.

CompactSpace Cab Dimensions:

ClassicSpace Cabs: Available with engine tunnels of 320 mm and 170 mm or a completely flat floor, the ClassicSpace cabs are characterised by easy access, compact exterior dimensions and excellent visibility. The standard roof height allows for easy fitment of above cab equipment, whilst providing an excellent working and living space for regional and national long distance work.

ClassicSpace Cab Dimensions:

StreamSpace Cabs: Designed with economy in mind, the StreamSpace cabs make the most of their aerodynamic shape. Available in two widths – 2500 mm wide with a flat floor, or 2300 mm wide with 320 mm or 170 mm engine tunnel and also available with a flat floor, never seen before in a 2300 mm wide package. The cab offers a large amount of space – both for living and storage, laid out in a way that is intelligent in design and very usable. The cab offers increased comfort and offering the option of two beds if required along with a wide range of options to make the cab feel like home, ideal for national and international long distance transport.

StreamSpace Cab Dimensions:

BigSpace Cabs: The 2500 mm wide BigSpace cab offers almost 2 metres of headroom and exceptional living and storage space. Providing a comfortable environment for long periods away from home on international long distance transport applications, the BigSpace cab offers a home from home. A wide range of options are available to aid productivity and safety, and to make the cab feel like home

StreamSpace Cab Dimensions:

GigaSpace Cabs: The 2500 mm wide GigaSpace cab offers an outstanding 2.13 m of headroom, and the best storage space of any truck – both in terms of intelligent use of space, and internal volume. The cab offers 920 litres more internal space than the previous Actros MegaSpace cab. Providing the ultimate in driver comfort for international long distance transport tasks, the GigaSpace cab really does offer the driver a three room apartment – space to work, space to live, and space to sleep. A wide range of options are available to aid productivity and safety, and to make the cab feel like home, whether for one driver or two.

GigaSpace Cab Dimensions:

From the front apron and the radiator grille right through to the roof: The striking exterior design with its specific long-distance transport style also lends the newly developed Actros a new dimension in visual terms, whilst documenting its inner strengths to impressive effect. Take, for example, the light and friendly ambience and the clear distinction made between the workplace and the living area. With its application-oriented cabs the new Actros opens up hitherto unattained dimensions of working, living and sleeping in long-distance transport.

Special transport calls for special vehicles. That’s where the Actros SLT comes in - a range of tractor units designed and built for operation up to 250 tonnes.

Powerful, reliable Euro VI engines up to 460 kW (625hp) and 3000 Nm, Mercedes PowerShift 3 16-speed automated transmission and the unique Turbo Retarder Clutch give a drive system that is extremely resilient and provide the exceptionally fine control of the power you need. Available ex-factory in 6x4 and 8x4 air suspended versions. Regardless of model, the chassis is particularly robust, and with a proven suspension and axles to transfer the power to the road with total precision under all conditions. All models are available with a huge and varied range of equipment to ensure the flexibility to perfectly configure a vehicle for any application. Front and rear couplings, a range of heavy duty fifth wheels, trailer hydraulics and ballast platforms are just a few examples of the equipment available ex-factory.

We understand that heavy haulage is not a one size fits all business, so to find out more and to get a truck configured to a specification that suits your business, please contact your local Mercedes-Benz Dealer.